the team behind Mikono

Leah, Biti & Phoebe

Our team in Nairobi
Biti, Lea and Phoebe are on the right in the picture. They are our designers and they work from home so they can be with their children and grandchildren as much as possible.
They are constantly developing new designs, we look forward to the summer collection.


Lorraine (on the right in the picture) directs, plans, calculates, moves and completes all productions herself. Thanks to Lorraine, our seamstresses always have someone to talk to. She has a career in the upscale hotel industry. After some point everything revolved around sales and professionalism at the expense of her own private life, she left. Her superpowers are spreadsheets and quick assignments in Nairobi by motorbike.

Tania, Clara and Jonas

In Berlin, Tania, Clara and Jonas pack your mikonos, answer your messages and take care of you!

Tania, Clara and Jonas send jackets and answer emails


Heinrich (36) is a musician and got to know Kenya while traveling to the Beneath the baobabs New Year's Eve festival north of Mombasa on the Indian Ocean. His knowledge in software development, eCommerce is not everything in his life. He lives in Berlin-Wedding, where he founded the Wedding Orchestra and directed his own festival. Wherever there is singing, dancing and playing, he is there. His superpower is absurd simultaneity.

We are a young team from Germany and Kenya

What we have planned