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With our sustainable and inspiring accessories you give your customers a boost of motivation and give them the opportunity to take the world and social media by storm.

Import of our products from Kenya is fast + inexpensive!

1️⃣ Support Kenyan designers and get branded #merchandise for your organization or company as #teambuilding, #incentives for your clients or #employerbranding.

2️⃣ is all about enhancing the global representation of Kenyan women designers and providing a unique e-commerce experience for customers in Europe, Scandinavia, Switzerland, USA and Canada.

3️⃣ We use #plantbased natural substances from ✨ Africa to manufacture our products. #Sustainability and #longevity are our focus. 🌿

4️⃣ Our designers receive an above-average fixed salary that enables them to send their children to school, pay social security and make provisions. In this way we improve their mental, social and societal situation.
Social responsibility is our top priority. 💪👩‍🎨

5️⃣ Circular fashion is at the core of our design processes. 🧥 Every garment is developed in collaboration with recycling specialists to ensure our jackets are durable and can be easily reused and #recycled ♻️.

6️⃣ is also a social project that ensures professional development and a steady income for female designers. Business decisions are in harmony with the team and their families. 🤝💕

7️⃣ Mikono does inclusive sizing with plus size up to 6XL. With personal support via our social media and WhatsApp, every customer will find their perfect individual fit. Our Nairobi inspired prints are unique. 🌺📏

8️⃣ Discover our unisex bomber jackets, bucket hats, bags, cork sandals and sneakers for all ages at 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👜👟

9️⃣ Every order on is produced on demand to promote sustainability. We do not produce unnecessary products or storage space. 🌍🚚

🔟 All influencers are welcome to collaborate with us. Requests on LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. Together we can make a social and green change in the fashion industry. 🌟💚🌍👗✨

⭐️ 2000+ happy customers can't be wrong!

What does it mean to wear a mikono?
👌 hand-tailored jackets and accessories
🌍 Fair production in own production
🏳️ 🌈 You get asked about it every day
👪 You support a meaningful project

We have already sold more than 2,000 jackets in 9 countries. You can find 330+ reviews on our website

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