What we have planned

protect the environment

Our main concern is animal and plant protection or the protection of natural resources. We are committed to biodiversity and/or habitat conservation. We fight animal cruelty, environmental pollution or promote a positive coexistence of economy and nature.

convey knowledge

Through research, teaching or media work, we promote the dissemination of information, education and knowledge. We develop solutions for current social problems, invest in education or knowledge transfer for future generations in order to continuously optimize communication, design and technology at the interface between people and the environment.

help people

Helping people in their current situation is mikono's top priority. We support care for the sick or elderly as well as neighborhood help and see the strengthening of a common understanding as an essential basis for our coexistence.

make society fair

Justice and fairness is our concern. We want to give everyone the same opportunities. Starting with education, inclusion and equality, we fight discrimination or develop ideas and measures that should contribute to positive change in society in the long term. We are committed to humane working conditions along the entire value chain of our products.

Business consciously

We build on the use of regenerative energies and/or the reduction of the resource consumption of our planet. We support recycling, the no-waste principle or Cradle to Cradle.

We are a young team from Germany and Kenya

The brains behind mikono