Our commitment to protecting the environment

environmental Protection

mikono.africa and One Tribe work together to protect the rainforest with every purchase you make. When you shop at mikono.africa now, you automatically save trees in the rainforest and help reduce the carbon footprint of your purchase.

mikono.africa participates in the United Nations Framework Program on Climate Change to adopt the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We work together as one tribe to fight climate change together.

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How it works

When you buy mikono.africa, you automatically save the rainforest. This helps fight the climate crisis by reducing the carbon footprint in our atmosphere and instantly reducing the carbon footprint of your purchase.

One Tribe connects mikono.africa and its clients to rainforest conservation projects and tracks climate impacts in real-time.

1. You buy

If you shop at mikono.africa, a donation will be made.

2. We protect

All donations are certified by One Tribe and forwarded to the protection partners.

3. We all reduce Co2

The funds flow into rainforest projects that help to reduce and store CO2 from our atmosphere.

Mikono wants to be net-positive.

mikono.africa wants to live up to its social responsibility to protect the environment and human health. mikono.africa is therefore committed to protecting the environment.

Our goal is to introduce environmental management, develop certification guidelines, use resources in an environmentally friendly manner and improve the energy balance of our products.

mikono.africa has set itself the goal of making its products and production processes environmentally friendly and conserving natural resources. The aim of our environmental management is

  • to take responsibility for the environmental compatibility of the products we manufacture,
  • to design our production in an environmentally friendly manner, especially with regard to energy efficiency, water consumption and the use of other resources,
  • to avoid waste generation and emissions,
  • recycling of unavoidable waste.

environmental compatibility of our products
We are committed to manufacturing our products in a way that minimizes waste and emissions during their manufacture.
Environmentally friendly production

Energy and water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and waste generation are key environmental aspects that we monitor for all of our production processes.

mikono.africa does not belong to the energy-intensive branches of industry. Nevertheless, we attach great importance to improving the efficiency of energy use. Because by using energy sparingly in production, we can make a contribution to climate protection and in particular to reducing CO2 emissions.

mikono.africa has set itself the goal of continuously improving energy efficiency and thus the emission of greenhouse gases, in particular CO2 emissions. In the medium term, this should also be achieved by partially replacing conventional energies with regenerative energies.
environmental Protection

There is a shortage of water in many parts of the world, especially a lack of clean drinking water.

In order to conserve natural resources, mikono.africa has set itself the goal of avoiding waste. If this is not technically possible, waste is collected separately and handed over to appropriate companies in the recycling industry for processing or reuse. If recycling is not possible, we ensure environmentally friendly disposal by selected specialist companies.