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Black & female owned startup

We are a motivated team from Kenya and Germany. In 2022 we founded mikono on our own .

You'll be amazed. We are convinced of that.

What is mikono?

One of our most important values ​​is the inclusion of all people. A wide range of sizes, including plus sizes such as 3XL and 4XL, is therefore very important to us. Our goal is to create a fashion brand that is accessible to all people and that celebrates the beauty and diversity of all body types. We believe that everyone should feel confident and elegant in their clothing.

With our plus size offering, we aim to break through the norms and standards set by the fashion industry in the past, which have often resulted in people who don't fit the narrow range of traditional sizes being excluded or marginalized . We want to challenge these norms and create a more inclusive and body-friendly environment where people of all sizes can find stylish clothing that makes them feel good.

Our commitment to plus size is based on the belief that fashion should be for everyone, without constraining or limiting. Our aim is to celebrate and embrace diversity and to ensure that our customers can express their personal style and be aware of their own beauty.

In doing so, we promote a more inclusive and diverse understanding of beauty.

Behind Mikono are Lorraine Shadeya, 5 designers, currently an intern and Heinrich Klassen. was founded in Kenya in 2019 and aims to support the artisans in Kenya and their unique, colorful prints on 100% cotton garments. The sustainable and recycling-oriented label wants to create jobs in Kenya and solve the problem of the mountains of textile waste caused by the international fast fashion industry. The brand offers colourful, handmade textiles made from natural fibres, upcycled clothing and accessories inspired by East African culture. The products are designed extravagantly, hard-wearing and unisex. They are designed and handcrafted by Kenyan artisans and are made from 100% African ingredients sourced through partner Africa Collect Textiles. The impact of the label is measured using sustainability and social KPIs, including carbon and water footprint, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and return rate. aims to increase its environmental impact and create opportunities for Kenyan sustainability professionals by collaborating with industry leaders

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