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Welcome by the co-founder
Let's showcase Kenyan designers together!

Hope you're doing amazing! My name is Lorraine, I'm the co-founder of I'm truly inspired by your impactful work! We're passionate about making a difference in diversity, representation, and black female empowerment. We can be powerful change-makers and create a more inclusive world together. We are seeking partners. Your voice and influence can help our Kenyan team to amplify and reach even more people. Showcasing will help our female designers to be seen. Let us showcase diverse perspectives of our female Kenyan designers. Your support means the world to us!

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Together we can provide opportunities for underserved women communities.

😎 What is

With a clear focus on e-commerce, we create stable jobs, develop higher expertise to our designers in Kenya. Help us improving access, opportunities and maximize our reach for brands & designers from Africa.

🔥 What is your goal?

Our female designers receive an above-average fixed salary, which enables them to send their children to school, pay for social insurance and make provisions. In this way, we improve their mental, social and societal situation. 💪👩‍🎨 We're breaking down societal barriers by providing market access and growth for Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. Help us to reach these goals!
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Important questions

How does the collab work?

Watch the video tutorial on Shopify Collabs:     

1. Log-in or Register your Shopify Collabs account.    
2. Order your favorite styles - We'll send them your way (if you'd like to feature more than one style then we will send you a voucher, so you don't have to pay the full price. Contact us on Whatsapp)
3. Craft amazing content with our styles.     
4. We meticulously track the impact of your posts, ensuring prompt payment within two weeks.

So, let's join hands and amplify our joy, connection, and sales together!   

We're well-equipped to oversee paid advertisement campaigns on Meta using your posts, expanding the reach and success of your Instagram-account.

Terms and conditions will be taken care of.

Goal for a successful Collab?

We need to increase brand visibility and drive sales. We want to go long-term and we're looking for Partners.

Do I have to buy one of the products myself?

We would be glad if you order your favorite style in your online shop. However if you'd like to feature more than one style then we will send you a voucher, so you don't have to pay the full price. Contact us on Whatsapp.

What type of posts do we create?

We will promote Partnership Posts to a relevant Lookalike audience. 
You could consider a mix of Partner posts on IG stories / IG highlight 2 months / IG static post / IG reels post / Tiktok post / YouTube post. Tailored to effectively drive sales.
Please add Partnership with @mikonoafrica to your post.
Please create an Ad Code and share it with us.
After I receive my order, which obligations do I have?
You'll hopefully work with us and earn your commission.
What is a Partnership Post and Ad Code?
Here are two tutorials:



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Children's jackets


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