Festival team mikono 2022

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We answer these questions collectively after the application

Thank you for your interest!

Why does mikono mainly go to festivals?

Mikono produces in Kenya and has a bright message for everyone: we love life!

I don't like to sell, can I do something else?

Yes, we need people who can set up, sort, drive a car and are good at organizing and documenting.

Do you go there/back together? Do you book the trip alone?

We plan the journey together and find a good solution together.

How is payment arranged? (If we get money, the payment is the ticket)

If you come mainly to make money, we offer you a fixed percentage per sale. It is important to do the payment and documentation of the sale immediately and digitally and document it in our shop system.

How many people should come with each festival?

It's only fun with at least 4 people.

How long do I stand at the stand per day?

It would be nice if you were present for about 7 hours out of 24. For 4 days, this is a maximum of 28 hours.

Is it possible to only work 1-2 days at a festival? Do you have to be there the whole time?

Arriving a little later or leaving earlier is sometimes unavoidable. We won't send you away, but we really need support :)

Do you need a festival ticket?

The ticket is included. We try to organize the journey together as coordinated as possible.

How is the accommodation? camping?

If you don't have a favorite tent to bring, you can use one of ours.

How is mikono presented?

We have a pavilion, we set up beautiful clothes rails, spotlights and a mirror.

How is the catering?

Please try to bring some water, vegetables, hygiene products and your favorite drink with you :)

We try our best to provide you with the most important things.

Any more questions?

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